The exclusive product + brand weekend intensive


One Weekend In Silicon Valley -

September 15th & 16th, 2018


Ten Determined Founders (or Founder/Co-Founder teams) and acclaimed mentors Geyrhalter + Zingerline


To clearly and deeply identify and further validate your digital startup product and brand in a fast yet rigorous manner


In our proprietary 10|20 fashion: 10-minute mentor presentations and 20-minute founder workshops over the course of 16 exhilarating hours in an intimate, creative, exclusive and hands-on environment

If you are unsure if your idea is worth pursuing, if you have doubts it could become a true brand, if you need to see it come to shape, if you need to be in the right environment, with the right peers and mentors to finally get you to the next step, then...

"We believe given true leadership, deep expertise, and our uniquely engaging 10|20 process, it only has to take two days to provide founders with a clear path towards the creation of a meaningful brand." - Geyrhalter + Zingerline, Co-Founders 10|20 workshop

10 founders receive 10 minutes of actionable insights followed by 20 minutes of hands-on ideation over the course of an exclusive weekend intensive in order to derive a meaningful brand and clear product vision that is being manifested in a brand platform document and a refined, validated and shareable digital prototype.


Founder, FINIEN

Crafted 100+ Brands

Global 100 Mentor @ Founder Institute

Writer @ Forbes + @ Inc

Bestselling Author of 'How to Launch a Brand'

Craig Zingerline

Entrepreneur & 6 time founder

100+ product builds receiving over 60 web awards

LAUNCH Incubator Mentor

Built original curriculum for Founder University

Founder of Product Bootcamp